Lucas Waldron

Motion graphics and video journalist.

Graphics Reel

A short reel of my work at ProPublica,
The New York Times and KQED.


The way cops in Jacksonville and other jurisdictions investigate the murders of transgender women adds insult to injury and may be delaying justice.

Unmasking California's New White Supremacists

Script, video and motion graphics.

How Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. Were Saved From Indictment

Script, video and motion graphics.

How ID laws can put trans people in danger

Co-producer and co-reporter

How IBM Quietly Pushed Out 30,000 Older Worker

Script, video and motion graphics.

Inside the Secret Chat Logs of Amiercan Nazis

Script, video and motion graphics.

The Big Problem with Testing Tiny Bits of DNA

Motion graphics and design.

Troubles for New Panama Canal

Video and motion graphics.

Fact Check: Trump, Clinton Economic Plans

Graphics and co-editor.

365 Days in 3 Minutes


The Overpass Dancer

Cinematography and editing.

Market St. Tenants Fight Eviction

Cinematography and editing.

Bay Curious Promo

Animation and design.

Oakland's Affordable Housing Impact Fee

Script and animation.

Freelance Projects

Mines in Santa Cruz County

Data reporting, animation and design

Oakland's Perfect Storm

East Bay Express

Trans Women of Cochabamba

Producer and editor